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So many athletes have the talent and raw potential to compete at the highest level but fall short due to their mindset and lack of self understanding.


Each athlete needs a unique approach to their physical AND mental training to get the most out of
their body and mind so they can perform when it matters the most.

Like ice baths and massages for recovery for the body, we integrate healthy mindset practices off the field so our athletes can mentally recover.
We work with our athletes to co-create a laser-focus performance frame of mind for on the field and a deeper self-awareness to recover, down regulate and prepare off the field.


We work with both teams and individuals to ensure that we have considered all factors so you can
perform under pressure and on demand.

Enquire now to gain your mental edge.


6 Week Mental Performance for Athletes Program (MPA)

The 6 week MPA is designed to help athletes access their Peak Potential when it matters whilst also learning to down regulate and get the most out of their physical and mental recovery. 


Over the 6 weeks you will work directly with Founder, Coach and Author, David Nixon and get access to:

  • 6 weeks of 1 on 1 Mental Performance Training (online or in person)

  • 6 week Mental Performance online course

  • A comprehensive self analysis which includes reports from the Identity

  • Compass ® and The Enneagram.

  • Lifetime access to the MPA community 


Learning outcomes:


  • Learn how to overcome performance anxiety

  • Learn how to leverage your mental and physical strengths

  • Learn how to access states of Flow and Peak Performance on demand

  • Learn how to manage your physical and mental state for performance and recovery

A new intake starts every 12 weeks and spots are limited.


Click the button below and fill out the form to apply for the next intake.


Apply for a MPA Scholarship and get access to the full program at a fraction of the price. 


We are limited to 3 scholarship spots per 3 month intake.


Click the button below and fill out the form to apply

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