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Our inner game runs our outer game. If we want a change on the outside, we have to make a change on the inside.


The beauty of physical training is that we can objectively identify our problem and measure our
results. We can measure our weight, our body measurements, our calorie intake, and key
performance indicators.

The challenge of mental training is that it is subjective in nature and therefore it becomes far harder to both identify the problem and measure the solution.

We use a multitude of tools and models to bring objectivity to your subjective experience so you can
identify the problem behind your problem and know what work is required to get the result you

To further enhance our approach, we integrate mind, body and breath into the whole training
experience that is tailored to you.

Our clients build resilience, overcome anxiety, repair relationships, and improve communication and leadership skills to let go of the past, accept the future and live in the present.


6 Month Mind-Body-Breath Program

Most people’s inner challenges occur when we are reacting to moments rather than choosing how
to respond in the moment. We can feel trapped in  our reactions which feel almost automatic and out of control.

Commonly this can show up in differing contexts from work, sport, family relationships and even the
relationship we have with ourselves.

In these moments we lean away from our best selves and stop living in the present moment.
In our Meet the Moment program, we teach people how to stay calm under pressure, think clearly,
understand their emotions and build self-awareness.


We do this through both one on one and group learning that is accessible both online and in person.


Over the course of 6 months, you will gain access to:

  • 10 one on one coaching sessions

  • 1 x BASE Retreat

  • 6 months of Online or In-Person Physical Training and support

  • Online Breath Training

  • An online resource folder of exclusive webinars and learning materials

Have more Questions? Book a 15 minute no-obligation call.

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