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Ice Bath Canberra



Our Introduction to Cold Exposure (I.C.E) Experiences are facilitated educational sessions that teach you how to get the most out of your cold exposure practice. 


We combine theory and practice in a 2 hour session where you get to understand the 'why' behind cold exposure. 


Each I.C.E. experience also includes a facilitated ice bath experience which is designed to meet you where you’re at in a supportive environment so you can be coached through your ice bath experience.


Ice bath submersion is a tool that you can utilise to manage your state of mind and down regulate your nervous system. Benefits of deliberate cold exposure also include:


  • Stress management and neural regulation

  • Increase in focus and concentration

  • Improve sleep and recovery

  • Increase (over time) in Brown Fat Cells within the body

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In this 2 hour workshop, we’ll answer questions such as:


  • How long should I stay in an ice bath?

  • What do ice baths do?

  • Why should I use an ice bath

  • When should I ice bath after exercise?

  • What practices are best for recovery in an ice bath?


We give you practical tools and models grounded in years of research from influences such as:


  • Wim Hof & the Wim Hof Method (WHM)

  • Brian MacKenzie & SH//FT Adapt

  • James Nestor

  • StrongFit


Learn about state management, breath and your nervous system in an extremely supportive and safe environment and be guided through a session with an expert Peak & Flow facilitator. 


If you are pregnant, have epilepsy, have previously experienced cardiovascular complications or other serious health conditions, please get in touch with us here at Peak & Flow.

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