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Peak & Flow is an integrative approach to coaching using multiple influences and models to achieve the most WHOLISTIC method to training and coaching on the market. 

We take developmental models from leading psychologists, thinkers and researches and combine them with emerging science in the areas of breath, body and nervous system.

We combine this models to teach people how to reach their PEAK potential and access FLOW states.

We then teach coaches how to teach these models and frameworks in there everyday interactions.


We are committed to helping individuals, coaches and athletes strengthen the physical and mental connections to their flow state, helping them reach peak performance.


We help CEO’s, entrepreneurs and high performers alike perform at their peak in business and life through an integrative approach. We help individuals find the bottlenecks and keystones to their success.


We teach trainers and coaches the developmental and physical models to help both themselves and their clients achieve long term, conscious results that permeate all areas of life.


We work with athletes to identify the thinking patterns and physical practices like breath work and anchoring that allows them to continually perform at their best whenever it is required of them.

Meet Dave


Since 2004, Dave Nixon has trained and coached more than 6,000 people in the fitness and health industry and works with people all over the world on both the physical and mental components of health and performance.

Backed by an extensive list of completed certificates and courses, Dave’s knowledge within the physical and mental fitness industry is vast, and he’s committed to sharing his learnings. Dave authored Minding YourSELF, the book that challenges the traditional approach to fitness, as well as the Alpha Theta Flow podcast - which reaches over 6,000 downloads per month. 

Dave has regularly contributed to Men's Muscle and Health magazine and has worked with national-level powerlifters and elite international athletes. In 2012, Dave founded and still operates Functional Fitness Australia, the Australian Capital’s leader in small-class functional training. Alpha Theta was formed to culminate the many courses and resources Dave has produced over the years, with the main goal to educate and challenge the fitness industry norms. 

“I knew the industry needed to change. I knew it had to come from our ability as trainers to grow not only our knowledge but more importantly our ability to influence that knowledge.”

Dave Nixon, Founder

Our Coaches


Dave Nixon

Alpha Theta Founder, Author, Presenter, Meta Coach, Alpha Theta Flow Podcast Host and Fitness Professional


Gina Clark

Meta Coach, NLP Practitioner, B. Coaching Science, Body & Beyond Podcast Host & Fitness Professional


Jamie Sangster

Certified Breathwork Coach, Presenter & Fitness Professional


Maigan Fowler

Presenter. B. Sport and Exercise Science & Fitness Professional

Listen & Read



The 5 minute daily podcast to set your mood and develop your inner game.



Weekly learnings on all things health, performance and develop-mental.


The Book

A book to buck the trend and help you reclaim your health wholisticly.

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