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Refund Policy

We deeply believe in our work and offerings, and have seen so many people transform their lives as a result of diving in and committing to themselves and the process. We can say with full confidence that if you do the work, you will make changes you will be proud of.

We understand that life is not linear, and there may be situations that aren’t a fit for the work we offer.

If you think this is you please read on for refund terms and what we need from you before proceeding.


  • Condition 1: You are requesting this refund between 1-14 days from the course start date. You’ve given the work time to work.

  • Condition 2: You have completed ALL of the required work up to the date of your refund request and agree to send it to Dave and his team for verification.

  • Condition 3: Dave Nixon has full refund discretion, and any requests made later than 14 days from the start of the course will not be considered for a refund.

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