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Monthly Coaching

$247 per/month*

*The Inner Game included in membership


Monthly Online Lesson and Coaching + Q and A

  • Cohorts are kept to 10 or less to maintain a coaching-coachee relationship


30 minute Complimentary coaching call on sign up


Subjects covered such as:

  • Developing a unwavering mind-set for performance and growth

  • Identifying unresourceful patterns

  • Acknowledging their use

  • Building focus and intent

  • Anchoring a Powerful state for performance

Insert other inclusions



We’ve fine tuned our models over the past decade, and we use them everyday. You'll leave with a new understanding of human motivation and communication.

Shift your view of health and exercise

Shift from a static view of health and exercise to a fluid, developmental approach to health.

Implement the

Learn how to implement the models you are learning into your fitness businesses or gym.

Identify learning

Communicate to clients more effectively and efficiently.

Become an education facility

Shift from an exercise facility to an education facility.

Identify personal

Identify personal patterns that limit coaching capacity and personal development.

Work in the people industry

Understand the concept of working in the people industry.

Develop personal practices 

Develop a clear plan focusing on personal and professional positive impact.

Coaching individuals in a group setting

Identify and offer practices to individuals in a group setting.


How is the seminar delivered?


What's included in the 6 month mentorship

6 x 1 on 1 coaching sessions
6 x 90 minute LIVE online lessons

Pre Recorded Lessons on:

  • Alpha Theta Flow & Peak Map

  • Multiple Perspectives

  • NLP Comms Model

  • Thinking Patterns pt 1

  • Thinking Patterns pt 2

Live Lessons on:

  • Becoming an Alpha Theta Coach

  • Understanding Peak Experience and Peak Performance

  • Understanding our Nervous System

  • Breath for Flow and Peak

  • Deepening relationships with clients and yourself

  • Applying learnings in the real world


  • Access to trainers weeks, seminars and all recorded lessons

  • Full access to The Coaches Circle

  • **This Module is required to be considered for a 6 month Coaching Internship and become a recognised Alpha Theta Coach**


Is it for you?

This mentorship is specifically designed for personal trainers and coaches who are interested in levelling up their coaching and open to implementing a new set of tools.


If you're interested in setting yourself apart from industry competitors, this is the seminar for you.

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"After working in the health industry for 5 years, I was feeling overwhelmed, lost and unsatisfied. After taking the plunge to join the Alpha Theta coaching programs, I learnt about my own drivers/communication methods, and then started exploring the different personality types and communication methods of others.


These learnings gave me permission to see my roadblocks, and build valuable relationships with my clients which in turn spoke to their results. The only thing I regret is not reaching out to Dave earlier. He is with you every step of the way and you will surprise yourself with what you get out of a course like this when you apply yourself."

Melanie Kaye


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