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1 Day Coaches Seminar

Become a leader in your space by developing the skills to integrate mental models, breathing gears and body intelligence to get the most out of your clients in and out of the gym.


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Coach to Mind
Body & Breath

Your Facilitator: Dave Nixon


Dave has worked in the Fitness Industry for over 18 years and founded Functional Fitness Australia, a Private Health Club in 2011. David has travelled the USA training and interviewing some of the best in the industry including Louie Simmons, Bobby Maximus, Chris Duffin and more while writing for national magazines. In 2020 he published his first book, Minding yourSELF and founded Peak & Flow - Mind Body Training in 2022 which currently runs coach training and retreats out of Kangaroo Valley.


9am - Integral Coaching

- What is coaching?

- What is Integral?


10am - Understanding the Nervous System

- How to get out of your head and into your body


11am -Break (15 Mins)


11:15am - Breath for Performance

- Using Breathing Gears to perform at your best


12:00pm - Facilitated Cold Exposure

- Learn hands on how to get the most out of cold exposure



1pm - Lunch


2pm - The Art of Listening

- Levels of Listening

- Types of Listening

- Types of Questions


3pm - Coaching to different Personalities

- Identify and coach to the most common thinking patterns


4pm - Break (15 Mins)



4:15pm - Workout


5:30pm - Wrap Up & Finish

Have Questions? We've Got Answers!

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact


"After working in the health industry for 5 years, I was feeling overwhelmed, lost and unsatisfied. After taking the plunge to join the Alpha Theta coaching programs, I learnt about my own drivers/communication methods, and then started exploring the different personality types and communication methods of others.


These learnings gave me permission to see my roadblocks, and build valuable relationships with my clients which in turn spoke to their results. The only thing I regret is not reaching out to Dave earlier. He is with you every step of the way and you will surprise yourself with what you get out of a course like this when you apply yourself."


Melanie Kaye


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